Is Your Home Infested by Mice? Here Are 3 Telling Signs

Mice infestation

No matter who you are, the thought of mice or rats crawling over your shoes, bedspread, Mice infestation and cereal boxes in the night is a spine-chilling image. Being nocturnal, these critters tend to hide during the day, coming to life at night while we’re sleeping, unaware of their presence. Mice and rats pose a serious health risk to our health and hygiene, especially for our children who don’t always double check cleanliness before eating out of a box of crackers or cereal.

If you suspect your home is experiencing a mice infestation, you probably have some pretty telling signs. Pest infestations are a reality for most American families today.

Here are 3 telling signs you definitely have a mice problem:

1. Squeaking Noises
Mice are not a silent form of infestation. They are busy little critters that make a lot of scratching and squeaking noises as they burrow through your home and your food. If you find yourself awoken in the night from burrowing noises in your walls and ceilings, then that’s a pretty confirming sign you have mice. If you can’t quite hear it in your room, you may need to stake out the kitchen, listening for rummaging through boxes and other items. Simply spending an hour in the night listening will usually produce the noises you are looking for.

2. Grease Marks
Yes, this may sound pretty nasty in nature, but it’s still a sign that you have a mice infestation. Mice usually have to squeeze their bodies through pretty tiny openings to get into your food and kitchen cabinets. As mice pass through small openings, they leave greasy smear marks that are caused by the natural build-up of oil and dirt in their coats. If you see greasy marks anywhere in your home, it’s time to consider the support of a professional. Also keep in mind that mice will leave tinier grease smears, whereas rats while leave pretty sizeable grease stains in their wake.

3. Gnawing Marks
Mice and rats need to chew. It’s part of their genetic makeup, or else their teeth will grow too long. Newer gnaw marks will be lighter in color; however, it will get darker the longer it’s in your house. These gnawing marks can be found on food packaging, as well as in the structure of the house itself. One great way to determine the age of a gnaw mark is to compare the marks with one that you know to either be older or newer. If the newer marks are lighter than the older, that means you have a fresh mice infestation on your hands.


Mice Infestation Monitoring

Leaving a mice infestation to eradicate itself is definitely not the answer today, especially during winter months when pests are seeking refuge. If not for the health hazard, call us here at DM Extermination for some peace of mind when you’re sleeping at night, listening to the mice burrow into your walls. Mice problems are nothing to take lightly, and we’re here to provide you with round-the-clock support and assessments moving forward.

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