5 Tips for Effective Pest Prevention This Year

pest control

Pests post a serious threat to our homes, our families, and our health on a daily basis. Pests can consist of fungus, mosquitoes, mice, termites, fleas, and any other living organism that has been proven to inflict a harmful effect on humans, our surroundings, and our resources. The good news is that with professional support, pests can be controlled and remediated. However, if you want to prevent outbreaks and pest infestations before they take root in your home, there are some effective pest prevention methods that will keep your house protected in the face of unwanted guests.

Here are 5 tips for reliable pest prevention this year:

1. Knowledge is Power
There is a lot of information surrounding pest prevention. First and foremost, identify what type of climate you live in. Certain pests can only handle arid climates, while others, like mold, thrive in wet and damp environments. Next, learn about where certain pests can be likely found, like wood walls for termites, or plumbing systems for drain flies. Once you have this information aggregated, you can effectively check for pest infestations.

2. Organic Preventative Measures
Though we don’t recommend applying chemicals that should otherwise be monitored by a professional, there are organic ways to stay proactive. Sodium fluoroacetate is a biodegradable poison that can safeguard against unwanted pests.

3. Animal Control
Cats can effectively alert you to any kind of rat or mice infestation. However, cats and dogs can be the reason why fleas enter your home. There are biological ways to prevent pests, like introducing certain insects that feast on pest larvae. However, we recommend contacting a professional before proceeding with this option.

4. Sealed Openings
Utility openings where wiring and piping comes in and out of your home can welcome pests with open arms. Holes as tiny as 1/16 of an inch provide an access to your home for spiders and other insects. Take some time to seal any openings that might be acting as a portal to the world of pests.

5. Look for Screen Holes
Doors, windows, and screens can easily develop holes right under your nose. Sure, you may look at your kitchen door on a daily basis, but what about that that hard-to-reach window in your attic? Take the time to really examine any opening or screen that could have developed a hole. One massive hole in one window is all it takes to invite in at least 3 different harmful pests.

Pest Prevention in 2018
Although we recommend immediately consulting one of our professionals here at DM Extermination, there are definitely some easy ways for you to stay vigilant in preventing pests this year. Take time to check your home’s openings and holes, as well as installing a few organic preventative systems that safeguard your living quarters. If you’re unable to protect against pests, we’re here with professional support.Call us today (514) 331-3515.

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