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5 Ways to Check if Your Home is Overrun by Termites


National Canadian pest management authorities, every single year, recommend or advise people to beware of a termite infestation. In Canada, specifically in the southern portions along the coast, the problem has been rampant for years, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing anytime soon. Termites, particularly the subterranean strain, thrive in Canadian climates, especially cities […]

4 Signs Your Home is Playing Host to a Flea Infestation

fleas puces

We’ve all heard of fleas and know that they come in through our animals, but do we really know what a flea is? A flea is an external parasite that feeds on the blood of animals and birds. If you have a pet dog or cat, your home is easily susceptible to a flea infestation. […]

Is Your Home Infested by Mice? Here Are 3 Telling Signs

Mice infestation

No matter who you are, the thought of mice or rats crawling over your shoes, bedspread, Mice infestation and cereal boxes in the night is a spine-chilling image. Being nocturnal, these critters tend to hide during the day, coming to life at night while we’re sleeping, unaware of their presence. Mice and rats pose a […]

5 Tips for Effective Pest Prevention This Year

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Pests post a serious threat to our homes, our families, and our health on a daily basis. Pests can consist of fungus, mosquitoes, mice, termites, fleas, and any other living organism that has been proven to inflict a harmful effect on humans, our surroundings, and our resources. The good news is that with professional support, […]