4 Undeniable Signs You Have a Cockroach Problem

No one wants to ever hear the words “cockroach problem” or “cockroach infestation,” yet it is a reality for millions of Canadians every single year. As resilient, determined, and aggressive little bugs, cockroaches have been named as the only species on earth that could survive a nuclear meltdown. That’s a testament to just how durable they are. As a result, they will stop at nothing to find solace in your home if it’s next on their list. They’re tricky to detect, and even trickier to remove.


Here are 4 signs you probably need to call in professional cockroach support:


  1. Roach Feces

If you haven’t seen a cockroach yet, but there’s plenty of cockroach feces lying around your home, it means they are there. Roaches will eat everything from plant matter to people food, dead skin cells, garbage, and even feces. With incredibly high metabolisms, they are constantly eating and defecating. That means there will be plenty of roach feces for you to spot.


  1. Roach Egg Cases

What a yummy term! Infestations continue to grow because roaches are aggressive breeders. Although this isn’t the best news ever for your home, it does mean that finding evidence of cockroaches shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Roaches lay oothecae, otherwise known as brown casings that house many eggs inside. When roaches hatch, the oothecae are left behind, providing you with very large evidence that they are nearby.


  1. Oily Smell

Like every pest, cockroaches come with their own unpleasant smell. The worse the infestation, the worse the smell. It smells of oleic acid, produced during decomposition when the roaches die. If you’ve ever smelled it before, it’s hard to mistake anything else for an oily roach smell.


  1. Roaches

And of course, physically spotting a roach is the best way to know that you have a cockroach problem. The best time to catch them at the act is during the night since they are nocturnal insects. If you enter a room and turn a light on, you’ll see them scatter. If you spot one during the day, that means there is a seriously alarming infestation in your home. If you’re looking for dead roaches, they can be found in common places where they hide, like dark corners, closets, basement nooks and other “hidden” spots in the home.


Knowing When It’s Time For Help

Assessing a roach infestation, containing the infestation, and effectively removing the threat permanently requires extensive professional support, equipment, and chemicals. Don’t try and take care of your roach problem by yourself. Roaches can be aggressive, biting individuals who haphazardly attempt to kill them on their own.


Here at DM Extermination, we have a skilled and experienced roach eradication team that knows how to assess and contain the threat in as little time as possible. The faster we get the roaches out, the faster your life can return back to normal. Don’t try and handle a roach infestation by yourself. Call us today at 514 331-3515

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