5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Help With Mice & Rat Infestations


Every single winter, millions of rodents invade Canadian homes looking for warmth and shelter amid the brutal wintery conditions. Experiencing significant spikes in the Toronto and Alberta regions over the last few years, mice and rats need respite from the uninhabitable Canadian winters. As a homeowner, the last thing you want to do is find a nasty rat or mouse sneaking through your cupboards, eating your food and defecating on your silverware. These pests can damage your home, spread diseases, and bite or scratch your family members.


If you suspect there is a mice or rat infestation in your home right now, here are 5 undeniable reasons why you should seek professional help:


  1. Disease Carriers

Besides being a nuisance and gross addition to your kitchen, rodents are carriers of harmful pathogens that can spread disease. Both direct and indirect contact with rodents, even just their droppings and urine, can put you at risk. Not to mention, if you have any household pets, they, too, are at risk when coming into the contact with the pests.


  1. Structural Damage

Rats can do some serious damage to the integrity of your home if given the chance. A rat infestation could mean chewed wires, piping, walls, and floors used to support the entire structure of the home. If the rat colony grows, more rats are going to contribute to the chewing, which overtime, can completely destroy the safety of the home.


  1. Food Contamination

Rodents will sniff their way to your pantries and cupboards, eating every last drop of food you own. They’ll eat pet food, boxes of cereal, and even try and find their way into your refrigerator if they’re afforded the chance. Cross-contaminating their bodily fluids with the food you might be consuming is a seriously health hazard for you and your family.


  1. Wiring Sparks

If you think the rats and mice are going to stop at your food, you’re wrong. They’re going to gnaw through your wiring, too. If it’s blocking their entrance into your home or to another room, they will chew right through it, causing electrical failures and appliance malfunctions, which can put you at risk for electricity exposure.


  1. Nesting Odors

Rats and mice make their own nests where they raise families and produce even more rats and mice. These nests have a very particular, foul odor to them that will come to captivate your home and everything surrounding it. Infiltrating air ducts and ventilation systems in your home, it will be hard to escape the smell – no matter how hard you may try.


Call In The Professionals

From diseases to electrical malfunctions, having a rat or mice infestation is one the most dangerous things that could happen to your home. Instead of exposing your family to the danger that comes with these rodents, please give us a call here at DM Extermination at 514 331-3515, and we’ll immediately contain the infestation, permanently eradicating the pests for you.

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