4 Common Household Pests – How to Treat For Them


The reality is that we never want to think about what creepy-crawly critters and insects could be lurking around our living quarters. However, bugs and animals are just as much apart of nature as we are, which means they’re going to try and find a way into our homes from time-to-time. Depending on where you live and what type of house you own, you may be more susceptible to certain pets over others.

Either way, it’s good to prepare yourself for the discovery of an unwanted visitor. If you’re wishing to know more about pests to watch for, as well as how to detect them, check out the 4 most common offenders below:

1. Bed Bugs
At only 5mm long, these microscopic pests are a huge public health crisis. Deriving their name from one of their favorite places to hide, these bugs can actually find a home in clothing, couches, carpets, curtains, floor mats, dish towels, and the list goes on.

To find them, you really need to look for them. Though most of the time they are viewable by the naked eye, you’re going to need to be patient and check the seams on your bed and furniture multiple times. Look for the tiny yellow shells they leave in their wake after they hatch.

2. Cockroaches
Everyone knows what a cockroach looks like. That doesn’t make their prehistoric shape, and unnaturally large size, any better. Synonymous with unsanitary living conditions, if you live in a large urban area today, cockroaches might be unavoidable.

To check for them, remain vigilant, as they are very noticeable from far distances. Put out cockroach traps and if you catch one, consider calling a specialist.

3. Ants
Attracted by food, fruit, and moisture, once ants set up shop in your home, they aren’t going to want to leave. Burrowed into the walls and floorboards, ant infestations require professional attention. Put out traps for the ants and if they are full by the next day, it’s time for some help.

4. Mice & Rats
Some people find mice and rats cute – others, not so much. Mice and rats can do some serious damage to your home, carrying diseases and other germs with them as they scurry around your piping and wall materials. If you’re paranoid that you have a rodent infestation, the best way to track it is to look for mice droppings. Tiny and dark, they will be clustered around the home where the rodents bunk up for the evening. Since these pesky rodents can come with their fair share of diseases, do not try and eradicate their presence by yourself.

Pest Control
More than just a nasty nuisance in your home, pests can be dangerous, irritating, and carriers for diseases that are better left unnamed. If you suspect that one of these main 4 pests is lurking around your home, please call us here at DM Extermination: 514 331-3415

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